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A private seller and buyer in the state of Illinois uses a vehicle application form called VSD190 Illinois Form to establish the purchase and sale of a vehicle. The application form serves as proof of a legal change of ownership, highlighting any specific sale details as well as the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase. When the new buyer goes to the Secretary of State's Vehicle Services Division to transfer the title and register the vehicle, this document is frequently required.

Here's all you need to know about registering your car in Illinois. We have made the process as simple as possible for you to save time.

What is a VSD 190 Illinois Form?

Illinois title and registration form VSD 190 is an online application form that enables you to complete the relevant papers online, print them, and present them to a Secretary of State location for a title and completed Application for Vehicle Transactions. The Illinois Secretary of State established Form VSD 190, Application for Vehicle Transaction(s), for anyone who wants to buy or sell a car. Filers who live in Illinois, as well as those who purchased automobiles from out-of-state dealers and brought them into Illinois, are required to complete the application.

How to Complete a VSD 190 Illinois Form

The ERT System is the only way to complete an Illinois Application for Vehicle Transaction(s). Filers can use the system to fill out and print applications. The applicant must follow a few basic procedures to properly complete the transaction:

1. The kind of transaction is specified in the first box.

You have the option of selecting one of the following types:

  • Plates and Titles
  • Transfer and Title
  • Only the Title
  • Identical Titles
  • Only Stickers, etc.
Fill & Download the Free VSD 190 Illinois Form

2. When filling out the form, make sure to include your current license plate number.

The information concerning the plate type sought should be included in the Vehicle Transaction(s) application. It also necessitates the provision of an expiration date. You should also include information about the owner. This includes the following:

  • Name
  • Address of Residence
  • DL/FEIN# of the owner
Fill & Download the Free VSD 190 Illinois Form

3. The following section contains vehicle-related information.

A Vehicle Transaction(s) Application is required. Examples are:

  • The number assigned to a vehicle
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Design
  • Colour
Fill & Download the Free VSD 190 Illinois Form

4. Information about your insurance is also required on the form.

Here you should include details about the following:

  • Name of the Insurance Company
  • Number of Policy
  • Date of Expiration

The rest of the fields are filled in based on the kind of request. Take care not to fill in any fields that you are not supposed to. A customer receipt is included at the bottom of the form. The Vehicle Transaction Application itself is kept at the office. The applicant gets his or her receipt returned.

VSD 190 Illinois Form: Who Has to Fill It Out?

This form may be useful for persons who have misplaced or broken their license plates, are selling a car, need a duplicate license plate, or are involved in other vehicle transactions.

The electronic registration and title (ERT) system is used to complete the application, which is available online. This document can also be obtained by going to an Illinois Secretary of State office. Filers can use the ERT system to fill out and print applications.

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